IFTDO Golden Jubilee
EGYPT, 13-15 NOVEMBER 2023
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50th IFTDO World Conference & Exhibition

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the 50th IFTDO Human Resources Development World Conference and Exhibition, which will be held on 13-15 November, 2023 in the fascinating City of Cairo, Egypt. The theme of the conference is “Redesigning the Future which is currently dominating our thoughts and HRD people all over.

The theme was intentionally chosen as a revival of the Silver Jubilee’s theme of “Designing the Future” which was also celebrated in Cairo 1996. Revisiting the same theme once again reflects the numerous changes that took place in all aspects of life which in turn affected the Training industry and the Development activities.

Redesigning the future is becoming more imperative to be discussed as we are now witnessing an era of rapidly and severe changes in all sectors and industries. HR people are considering social developments, consumer behavior, digital transformation , emerging technologies, COVID 19, political instability and more changes are affecting and will change how businesses  and people will be managed.

Redesigning the future entails many variables that should be considered.

This Conference will not be a regular event as it will be the Golden Jubilee of the IFTDO (50th Anniversary of IFTDO). The planned celebrations will give this conference an air of glamour and a special attraction. It will be an opportunity to view the past 50 years of IFTDO accomplishments and look auspiciously into the future to define its role in the decades to come.

Visiting New Egypt with all its new culture, and historical charming places ,is a special event in its own. Participants will not only attend the work sessions and IFTDO festivities, but will also have the chance to enjoy the planned excursions and savor some of the marvels Egypt has to offer Experiencing Egypt’s heritage is a unique experience in itself. Egypt is an ideal place for cultural tourism, besides the Nile, as it has endless cultural, nature and historical attractions for its visitors to enjoy.

It will be, by all means, a memorable event you should not miss.

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