Conference Topics

1- Our Future: A global perspective

  1. The Geopolitical changes shaping our future
  2. The challenges for global economy
  3. Challenges of Climate change in Africa 
  4. What to expect in VUCA world ?
  5. The shadows of global crisis: pandemics, wars and conflicts
  6. The world after 100 years of Globalization: are we better now? 
  7. Challenges for global supply chains  
  8. The  Internet of things and Digital Supply chains (DSCS)

2- Learning and Development: The Future of Training and Education


  1. Remote / online training: opportunities and challenges
  2. Horizons for Metaverse in education and training  
  3. The future of online learning technologies and platforms
  4. Skills to build for the future
  5. Measuring training impacts in online training
  6. How to compete in online training?
  7.  Human Capital capacity building

3- Leadership and Managing In Uncertain Future

  1. Redesigning organizations for a Hybrid Future
  2. High Insolvent Management
  3. Leadership in Remote working
  4. Leading for Sustainability
  5. Green Management
  6. Superior and responsible leadership
  7. Digital Leadership

4- Technology Forming Our New Reality

  1. Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity
  2. Digital transformation: changes and chances
  3. Artificial Intelligence in organization
  4. Augmented Reality and Metaverse: Horizons and Caveats
  5. Challenges of technology in developing countries
  6. Big Data in organization
  7. The future of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) soft-wares
  8. Fintech: a new financial future

5- Diversity: New Realities and Challenges

  1. Gender diversity: redesigning our future
  2. Remote working and diversity inclusion
  3. Digital entrepreneurship and diversity empowerment
  4. Generation differences: a real challenge for management
  5. The increase in age average: a new challenge for management